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Portfolio - a selection of a work in which I have been involved

Obtaining a patent is generally not an individual endeavor. A patent attorney assists the inventor / client in getting a patent; the work is not done in a vacuum. The process starts with an inventor who has an invention. We can assist you in examining your product / process to ascertain the patentability. We work with the client to produce a quality readable patent application and prosecute to obtain a patent.

The following list somes of the areas / titles of patents with which we have been involved.

Utility Patents

Multi-Ratio Drive System for Sprockets having Translating Pins; Master Cylinder Attachment Adapter; Assured Venting Master Cylinder Diaphragm Apparatus and Method; Guide Channel Pivot for Window Regulator; Stackable Storage Containers; Exercising and/or Amusement Device; Roof Ridge Ventilator; Metal Roof Ventilation System; Roller Frame Alignment Bracket; Exercising and/or Amusement Device; Pouch for Administering Medical Fluids; Ironing Board Cover with Drawstring and Tensioning Straps; Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine; Method and Apparatus for Dissolution Testing of a Dosage Form; Windshield Wiper Blade; Roof Vent of Synthetic Fiber; Fluid Level Detection System; Method of Introducing Leak Detection Dye into an Air Conditioning or Refrigeration System; Protective Eyewear with Replaceable Lens; Mug Imprinting Roller Frame; Method and Apparatus for Drying an Object During Transportation; Combination Electrical Cord Support and Article Holder; Magnetically-Operable Brake Device; Method and Apparatus for Automatically Separating Boxes in a Counter Ejector into Stacks; Retractable Pallet Attachment for Screen Printing; Roller Frame Alignment; Hand Truck Sentry System; Multi-Cavity Evaporator; Structure and Method of Reducing Uplift of and Scouring on Membrane Roofs; Single Facer Corrugating Roll Flute Contour; Traveling Backwash Manifold For a Centrifuge; Pin Registration for Screen Printing; Method ofIntroducing Leak Detection Dye into an Air Conditioning or Refrigeration System Including Solid or Semi-Solid Fluorescent Deyes; Flood Bar for Screen Printing; Dual Speed Limits for a Cut-off; Method of Cleaning and Maintaining Viscosity and PH Devices for Water Based Flexo Inks; Retractable Attachmnet for a Screen Printing Machine; Adjustable Flexibility Squeegee with Replaceable Contact Blade; Folder/Gluer Machine for Paperboard Blanks; Urethra Control Device; Method of Screen Printing Using an Adjustable Flexiblity Squeegee with Replaceable Contact Blade; Method and Apparatus for Machining a Workpiece; Wireless Telephone Display System; Urine Control Device; Anti-Backlash Nut Assembly; Waste Treatment Control System; Hair Dye Applicator; Modular Concrete Building System; Subcutaneous Drug Delivery Device with Improved Filling System; Reinforced Lead Screw Anti-Backlash Nut; Reinforced Anti-Backlash Nutwith Graduated Thread Depth Fingers; Solder Paste Stenciling Appartus and Method of Use for Rework; Low Profile Medical Stent; Face Plate for a Chase for High Frequency Components; Multi-Valve Arc Inlet for Steam Turbine; Sample Loading Device for Gel Electrophoresis; Method of Detecting Widespread Fatigue Cracks in a Metal Strucutre; Multiple-Material Prototyping by Ultrasonic Adhesion; Microdisplay Viewer; Method for Controlling a Drug Dispensing System; Portable Display System with Memory Card Reader; Guidewire Advancement System; Zoom Laparoscope; Clamping Device for a Machine Tool; Stent Delivery System; Urethral Compression Device; Combined Open Cycle System for Thermal Energy Conversion; Drug Delivery Systems and Methods; Waste Treatment Control System; Potential Energy Storage System; Locking Device for a Meter Socket; Grate Block for a Refuse Incineration Grate; Compressor Stator Vane; Low Pressure Impact Separator for Separation, Classification and Collection of Ultra-Fine Particles; Electrolyzer Pressure Equalization System; Methods and Apparatus for Fastening a Set of Heatsinks to a Circuit Board; Microcontact Printing; Techniques for Providing Ventilation and EMI Shielding to Electronic Circuitry Using a Panel Member with Brimmed Holes; Permanent Terminations of Network Cables; Polarizer removal in a Microdisplay System; Rotary Fast Servo System and Methods; Test apparatus using a pneumatic collet and method to clamp a bar; Efficient Airflow Management; Guided Projectile With Power and Control Mechanism; Zig-Zag Laser With Liquid Cooling; Method and Apparatus for Strain Monitoring of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies; Eccentric Drive Control Actuation System; Method and Apparatus for Supporting a Computer Chip on a Printed Circuit Board Assembly; CPAP system with heat moisture exchange (HME) and multiple channel hose

Design Patents

Stationary Lift
Luminescent Stemmed Drinking Glass
Flow generator
Digital manifold

Plant Patents

Have assisted one entity in obtaining several plant patents

The above is just a sample of titles that were successful. In addition, unfortunately, we, the client and the attorney, are not always successful. The reason for non-success can vary including changes the client's business plans or prior art located after the application was filed.

As indicated in the practice areas, we can assist clients in other areas of intellectual property including trademark prosecution; copyright; litigation support; agreements; and opinion work.

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